Italy has a great tradition of confetti . You could call the "homeland" of the candy . The candy has an ancient history that has its roots in Roman times. As early as the fifth century. A.C. in some writings it comes to products consisting of almonds covered in honey that were offered to guests as a symbol of luck and prosperity to celebrate births and weddings. In the Middle Ages around 1200 almonds, anise and coriander seeds were covered with a layer of hardened honey . Also in this case it was a very sweet appreciated in noble families, which used to keep them in precious caskets decorated . Also in the Middle Ages , with the advent of sugar , honey abdicated the role of softening of the dishes and you begin to use the noun candy products to indicate that they had a sugar coating . This technique gave rise to the present name of "candy ." In fact, to distinguish the coriander the Treaty, it indicated , in the common , such as " packed cilantro " which later derived the noun " candy" ( packaged ) products to indicate that they had a sugar coating .

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