Method of Processing

The almonds are produced using the copper boilers or steel called " Bassine " which may be pear-shaped or drum . The fiber, during the processing of the candy , is a continuous rotation. Inside the bassine , while the almonds " run " , are paid , gently , sugar mixes that with the help of hot air , they evaporate , leaving an even layer of sugar on almonds. You will then go to the stage of " cladding " that is made using rice starch powder. After we have the step of coating with sugar through alternating phases of wetting and drying to obtain the desired thickness. Following this stage, the surface of the candy appears wrinkled and irregular : it has thus the step of smoothing and polishing rather " finishing " . The pelleting process requires a lot of hard work and its realization can last 2 or 3 days. Finally the sweets are put to rest in steel frames and placed in a cool and dry before being packaged and intended for sale.

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