Initially the production of confectionery CRISMARA was destined almost exclusively to the creation of the candy classic ceremonies. But then , in the face of continued good results and the favor of customers, the company began to diversify the product coming to create different types of candy which does not denote more for its classic but as a true confectionery product : chocolate candy , different varieties of chocolates , fruit-flavored and creams. Flavored " CHOCODELIZIE " are the company's specialty : a true marriage between fine Avola almonds , fine chocolate and refined aromas which thus ensures a real joy for the palate to prefer and consume at any time of the day.

The Confectionery CRISMARA using the best raw materials and still following the old recipes and traditional methods of processing the master confectioners proves to be a modern company that continues to be linked to the old times , ensuring the quality of its products. Therefore, the company still emerging as an industry is characterized by the strong artisan size of its entire production . The success of the customer has always been increasing so much that the company is now a reality in Italy is intended only to improve.

Our philosophy has been rewarded by our customers who have allowed the company to be expanding on both the national and international markets (Greece, Germany, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates) thanks to continued research to address the market products with "evergreen" as the confetti classic and trendy products such as chocodelizie.

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I.D.C. srl

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