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The confetti can be of different colors and each color, when it is offered during an occasion, it is appropriate for the ceremony that you want to celebrate. The etiquette want distributed inside the confetti bags are always in odd numbers.

Tradition has it that during the wedding confetti are distributed by bride, who will have to take them with a silver spoon in a container, that the hand you groom during the rounds among the tables.

The launch of confetti outside the church is called "sciarra" (from the Sicilian word "fight" "fight"), since the boys went out to collect the confetti making a mess.

In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte entered in Verdun, the French city dedicated to confectionery, for the occasion were built three triumphal arches made of white confetti, under whom Bonaparte came to symbolize the importance of the event. "

It seems that the candy was first addressed in therapy (the drug preparation was covered with a soft shell to make it more palatable), and seems to have been invented by an Arabian named Al Razi.

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